Learn to perform safe and realistic violence and improve your casting

Stage combat is a variety of theatrical techniques designed to create the illusion of physical violence whilst maintaining the safety of the performers and audience. ‘Stage’ combat has become a common shorthand industry term often used to refer to both stage and screen combat.  
For actors looking to learn to fight, our Stage Combat courses are the best place to start (even if you wish to do screen work) as these courses teach you how to ‘act the fight’ and include scene work as part of the course.
For those looking to specialise for screen our Screen Combat courses that give you the specific skills to adapt your action performance  for film as well as preparing you for the practicalities of being on set- making you ready for the industry.  These courses also see you training using aluminium, bamboo and polypropylene weapons which you are likely to use on set whilst stage combat predominantly uses steel weapons.
We also provide a range of masterclasses with key industry professionals as well as an introduction to Stage Combat course. For more details of these sessions see Supportive Skills.


Industry recognised training

ID Fight is  the only training company to offer accredited industry recognised qualifications with both the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat (BASSC) and the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC).
These are the two longest established academies for training in dramatic combat in the UK, and are industry recognised and respected internationally.  These qualifications will provide you with an excellent grounding for both stage and screen work.
BADC offer 3 courses levels: Standard, Intermediate & Advanced whereas BASSC offer 9 different weapon courses which you can do in any order.
You receive your BASSC Intermediate qualification once you have completed 5 weapon systems and gain your Advanced qualification when you achieve 5 weapons  at a Distinction level.
BADC courses require you to undertake 20 hours of training per weapon whilst the BASSC require you to undergo 30 hours of training per weapon.
We offer both courses so that you can choose the training path that works best for you and decide how much time you want to dedicate to mastering your foundation in a weapon.

All our BADC and BASSC courses include your practical exam fee within the course price.

We also frequently run a range of masterclasses plus an introduction to Stage Combat course.  To view and book these sessions go to the ‘Supportive Skills’ tab in the Training Diary.

British Academy of Dramatic Combat - 3 Courses (Standard, Intermediate, Advanced) 20 hours per weapon. Click to find out more.
British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat - 9 Courses. Each covering a different weapon system, complete in any order. 30 hours per weapon. Click to find out more.


Training from our award winning action team

Essential training for anyone wishing to work as an action actor, stunt performer or special action extra. Designed and taught by working fight coordinators the course will provide students with the knowledge with the skills required in the industry to sell dramatic, exciting and powerful fight scenes. 

With a wealth of knowledge working in the industry across all media, and a variety of genres, our instructors will guide students through exercises and on set scenarios to teach, improve and consolidate the techniques needed to effectively fight on screen. 

The instructors will also share valuable tips and tricks, from working experience, for students to troubleshoot, adapt and impress on a variety of scenarios and curve-balls that may occur on set. 

The courses are divided into two tiers: unarmed fighting and weapon work. Each tier will progress over four levels; Foundation, Standard, Intermediate and Advanced, of 3 days long per level. Participants can progress through all the levels in either tier independently or work their way up each level of both alongside each other. 

We also frequently run a range of masterclasses with industry professionals working in screen. To view and book these sessions go to the ‘Supportive Skills’ tab in the Training Diary.

Screen Combat Unarmed
Screen Combat Unarmed. Improve your ability to learn and perform choreography under pressure. Gain the camera awareness to be able to play to all kinds of set ups first time. 3 days per level. Click to find out more.
Screen Combat Weapons
Screen Combat Weapons. Covering a range of weapon types and fighting styles from different cultures and periods of history. Practice duels, hero fights and battles, including shield walls and clashes. 3 days per level. Click to find out more.


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We can deliver training for students from 8 years old upwards. We also provide private lessons, training through schools and other institutions as well as corporate workshops. We can cater for 1-1’s, small groups, large groups, cast training intro workshops and team building. Please contact us via the booking request form below and we’ll do our best to cater your needs.

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